And now this blog is going to disappear…..

Great appreciation for all the hard work done by Clare Chesneau on this amazing blog ‘Camberley Historian’. Camberley is not my birth town, but I have now lived here longer than I did in Aldershot, where I was born so it is now ‘home’! Thank you Clare!

Camberley Historian


……and slip into the pages of history itself.  I have decided to close my local history research down and although I’ll leave this site ‘live’ – and answer any queries – I’m not going to add anything more.  Many thanks to all my readers, it’s been fun!

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  1. I should just add that ‘Ancestors Reunited’ is not going anywhere! This is the first time I have re-blogged a post from anther website and I was a bit startled to see that it might seem as if I am closing MY blog – perish the thought! I have plenty more to write about!

    Please do pop over to Camberly Historian by clicking the ‘view orginal post’ link above.


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