Why ‘Ancestors Reunited’?

That’s a very good question. After all, I already have trees on, WikiTree, My Heritage….and so on. Why would I need yet another place to talk about my ancestors? It’s not as if I don’t sometimes struggle to keep them all updated… then there’s the question of should I start a project on the Guild of One-Name Studies…. Yes, I must be a bit bonkers, mustn’t I?

Here’s the thing, though… much as I love my Ancestry tree and all the others, I love to tell stories (I write fiction as well, when I have time/inspiration…) and what could be more fascinating than the life stories of the people who lived before me and whose genes I share? Especially if I can accompany those true stories with photographs that are somewhat bigger than thumbnails.

My intentions are:

  • To present my family history in a format which is pleasing to look at and fun to read – not just for me, but for my descendants, other relations and the many fellow genealogists who happen to visit this site.
  • To ‘spotlight’ various ancestors and talk about what their lives may have been like.
  • To do the above in such a way that will hopefully encourage other amateur genealogists to share their family stories.
  • To share resources and hints as and when appropriate and relevant.
  • And just maybe, hopefully, find people who share my ancestry, so that we can pool our knowledge and make new discoveries. Reuniting our Ancestors!

So, there we are – that’s my plan. I’d love for you to join me by subscribing. After the initial flurry of posts (I have some material ready) I will most likely post once a month, so you won’t be inundated with emails!  Please do feel free to use the contact form or post comments where there is that option. I won’t use anything without your permission, of course.


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