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I’m Elaine, & I’ve been researching my ancestors since 2003. Come with me on my never-ending journey to discover my roots. Perhaps we might share a twig or too on our family trees! If you like my content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page!

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Postcard From The Past

…or, how I found myself researching an unrelated family! On 30th July, 1907, someone identified only as ‘V’ sent a post card to ‘Miss Kingsford, 294 Brockley Road, Lonodn N6’. I purchased the above postcard on eBay, because it featured the home town of my husband’s great grandfather, […]

Warlow Misfortune

The above photograph was in a family photo album previously owned by my great grandparents and then grandparents. For many years, it intruiged me. Who was Thomas Warlow? Who was he to my great grandparents, in whose album it had been placed over a hundred years ago? The […]

Rose Wren 1860-1896

As an amatuer geneaologist/family historian since 2008, I am (like so many of us) quite accustomed to meeting the occasional Brick Wall. But none has been quite so frustrating as my search for the final resting place of my husband’s maternal great grandmother, Rose Seabourne. In my search […]

Wither thou goest, Ancestry?

On Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, I and many other Ancestry users received an email advising me that Ancestry were updating their Privacy Policy. On 4th August, the news reached the #Genealogy community on Twitter, resulting in a kind of virtual ‘meltdown’ by concerned genealogists and family historians. But […]


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