Project Infant

“These were babies, not numbers”

I would like to share here a very special project by young Genealogist Daniel Loftus from Cork, Ireland. In Daniel’s own words:

“I started Project Infant after discovering that I had a personal connection to the Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland. It made me remember all of the mothers and babies who unfortunately died in these homes. This site and searchable database of individuals is a tribute to ensure that their memory lives on.”

Since learning about the Mother & Baby Homes, and finding family connections to them, Daniel has been actively researching and campaigning to ensure that the victims are never forgotten. Project Infant is a remarkable project to record and publish the names of all the victims (which number in the thousands).

Daniel has a presentation on YouTube which explains how it started and where it’s all going, which I recommend. You can find it here on Daniel’s channel, Daniels Genealogy .

If you have Irish ancestors, you may wish to search Daniel’s growing database of names on Project Infant. you can also find Daniel on Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, you can find all Daniel’s links here:

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