The Unknown Rifleman

Is this Rifleman Harold B C Creasey?

This image was found amongst a collection of photographs left by my Grandma Barbara Thomson (born Creasey)’

There is no name on the reverse, but it seems safe to assume that he may be related in some way – a cousin, perhaps?

The cap badge has been identified (with the help of a very friendly Facebook group for Ancestry users) as the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consorts Own) and I did find a Harold Bert Carter Creasey in the records, who served in this regiment. So far, though, I cannot find a connection to ‘my’ Creasey family. Perhaps he is not a Creasey? So my next step will be to search all the young men in my family tree who might have served in WW1, to see if anyone served in that Regiment. Wish me luck!

Categories: genealogy

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